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Friday, November 24, 2006


"Feldman was born in July 2005, and we purchased him in October 2005 at a pet store in Sandy, Utah. Totally by coincidence, we got him the day he arrived on the truck from the Texas breeder where he had been born.We had been checking out the pet store periodically, had considered buying a Japanese chin but then decided against it, and then we walked in one day and there was Feldman and we instantly fell in love.

We didn't know much about Bostons at that time, and I'm not sure that this pet store doesn't deal with puppy-mill type breeders--we've had a conversation with the store owner since then and his attitude toward dogs seems sort of distasteful, at least to us. But either we have been extremely lucky in Feldman, or perhaps we're being unfair in our estimation of the store ower and the breeders he deals with, because Feldman is the best dog ever. He has such a jolly temperament and is the best possible companion, so funny and charming and cute. A good little soul.

I know everyone who knows Bostons feels this way, but we are experiencing it for the first time so we are just amazed.

Feldman is now 28 months old and according to what we've read online, he's a giant among Bostons at 30 pounds. I've noticed that a couple of Boston owners from Texas, on your site and elsewhere online, indicate that their Bostons are also 30 pounds or more. I guess they're breeding them big down there! I wonder do you know what that means for the breed standard? Is there going to be a new "Super Heavyweight" class for Bostons over 25 pounds, or would all these dogs be disqualified from shows? We don't care, Feldman is a companion dog, not a show dog, we're just curious. It seems like some of these Texas Bostons are returning to the size of Judge and the other originators of the breed.

The three pictures show Feldman shortly after we brought him home in October 2005, last winter in his little sweater, and this past summer, by which time he'd grown so big that the sweater couldn't even fit over one shoulder."

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